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Do this now to lower your California fire insurance premium

FireClear Systems

Do this now to lower your California fire insurance premium

Everyone in California knows that fire insurance rates are astronomical. And like our yearly wildfires, insurance rates seem to be getting worse by the year.

What’s worse, many homes are completely ineligible for fire insurance because they are in high risk wildfire zones.

Luckily, you can decrease your fire insurance premium. You could even get fire insurance if you’ve been turned down before. Here’s how.

How do insurance companies calculate premiums?

Insurance companies calculate premiums based on risk and probability. For fire insurance, homes with a higher risk level—meaning a higher probability of suffering from fire damage—will have higher insurance rates.

Some of the factors an insurance company might consider are:

  • Distance to fire departments. The further you are from a fire department, the riskier your home will be in the eyes of an insurance company.
  • Firefighter availability. Fully staffed fire departments that are able to respond 24/7 to fires will give your home a higher safety rating than understaffed departments.
  • Proximity to fire hydrants. Being located too far from a hydrant will make your home look much riskier to an insurance company, even if you live close to a fire department.
  • Emergency services response time. One factor that may be out of your control is how quickly a 911 operator is able to connect you with your local fire department.
  • Local awareness. Communities that take measures to prepare for fires—such as defensible space, fire evacuation plans, or installing sprinklers—are seen as less risky.
  • Unfortunately, most of these factors are outside of your control—short of moving to a new home. So what can you actually do to get cheap fire insurance in California?

    How to get cheaper fire insurance in California

    There’s no single “trick” to getting cheaper fire insurance, but there are several things that insurance companies take into account when calculating your premium—and ways you can get a better deal.

  • Home design. Your home’s design, safety features and overall layout play a big role in calculating your insurance premiums.
  • Home improvements. Sprinkler systems and fire-resistant building materials are two features that make your home lower risk. Replacing wooden shingles with concrete or slate is another good move.
  • Ask around. Although you may not feel comfortable asking your neighbors how much they pay for fire insurance, asking around might be the fastest way to find good deals from the best insurance companies.
  • Neighborhood development. Your home’s distance to fire departments and fire hydrants plays a big role in your fire risk. Lobbying local government officials to install more hydrants (and even establish a new fire department) could pay off big.
  • Defensible space. Establishing clear lines of defensible space around your home will slow encroaching wildfires—and it will also make insurance companies consider giving you better coverage.
  • Together, all of these steps can help reduce your fire insurance premiums in California. But what if your rates are still sky-high? What if you can’t get coverage at all?

    FireClear gives your home a fighting chance with Phos-Chek

    The lower your home’s fire risk, the better insurance rates you can get. That’s why countless families throughout California are pleasantly surprised to see their rates go down after choosing FireClear.

    FireClear’s quick, annual application of Phos-Chek—the very same Phos-Chek used by professional firefighters—can help slow approaching wildfires effectively enough to buy your home precious time during a wildfire.

    FireClear uses Phos-Chek, which is safe, non-toxic, odorless, colorless, and only takes one yearly application to safeguard your home. Phos-Chek is so effective that it could easily lower your fire insurance rates.

    Some families who live in very high-risk fire areas may even be eligible for fire insurance for the first time after applying Phos-Chek!

    We know better than anyone that fire insurance premiums in California are skyrocketing.

    That’s why we’re partnering with insurance companies, HOAs, property managers, homeowners and fire officials throughout California to protect against wildfires and help make fire insurance more affordable for everyone.

    Ready to protect your family and your home? Interested in lowering your fire insurance premium or getting coverage for the first time? All you have to do is contact us for a free property assessment—you have nothing to lose.

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