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Phos Chek—protect your home like a firefighter

FireClear Systems

Phos Chek—protect your home like a firefighter

FireClear and Phos-Chek have teamed up to deliver a colorless, long-lasting fire retardant application—the very same formulation you’ve seen dropped from planes during virtually every American wildfire.

Now, you can take advantage of Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense (the exact same formula used by the USDA Forest Service).

Phos-Chek is environmentally friendly and safe for both pets and people. One application can help protect your property and home for an entire fire season, including outbuildings and other at-risk areas.

But what exactly is Phos-Chek? How long does Phos-Chek last? How do you apply Phos-Chek? We’re here to answer all of your burning questions about what we believe to be one of THE best options for defending your home from wildfires.

How does Phos-Chek work?

Phos-Chek works on any type of cellulose fuel—wood, vegetation, cotton, and even some plastics.

Phos-Chek changes the way fire interacts with fuel sources by transforming the surface of a given fuel source into non-flammable carbon. This slows and even stops fuel sources from igniting and spreading flames to untreated areas.

How do you use Phos-Chek?

Using Phos-Chek is easier than you think—especially when applied by a professional.

FireClear’s wildfire defense experts mix and spray Phos-Chek around your home and outbuildings, as well as any other areas that may be fuel for a wildfire.

We only need one quick, painless application to protect your home for an entire fire season.

Is Phos-Chek toxic to humans?

The US Forest Service says that the risk of chemical toxicity from Phos-Chek exposure is very minimal for most animals, and presents no risk to people who are accidentally exposed to the fire retardant.

Also bear in mind that the Forest Service in this situation is speaking specifically about fire retardant being dumped by planes—the amount used to protect a residential home is much, much less.

When applied at home by a professional, Phos-Chek is safe for your property, your pets, and your family.

Is Phos-Chek red?

Phos-Chek is identical to the red fire retardant you’ve seen dropped from planes, with a big exception—home Phos-Chek is colorless. Phos-Chek for home is totally colorless and odorless, so you won’t even know it’s there (unless you need it).

How long does Phos-Chek last?

Phos-Chek starts working immediately after an application, and remains active and effective until it’s washed away—typically by rain. That means one application of Phos-Chek will usually last for an entire fire season.

When should you apply Phos-Chek?

In Southern California, people typically apply Phos-Chek in late spring or early summer—whenever your local vegetation becomes dry, brown, and has stopped growing.

Applying Phos-Chek before your area’s plants have stopped growing for the summer may require you to reapply for better fire protection.

What is Phos-Chek made out of?

Some of the main fire retardant components of Phos-Chek include ammonium polyphosphate, diammonium sulfate, diammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, and other compounds. These chemicals alter the molecular structure of potential fuel sources, making them fire-resistant.

Can Phos-Chek be used on my house, fences, or deck?

Phos-Chek is best used on dry vegetation. However, it can also be applied on raw, unpainted wood—such as siding, fences, and decks.

With that said, Phos-Chek may stain painted surfaces, and should only be used on such surfaces if your home faces extreme fire risk.

How do you clean Phos-Chek fire retardant?

Phos-Chek naturally washes away with a heavy application of water. If Phos-Chek has accidentally been applied somewhere on your property, cleaning up is as simple as spraying the area with a hose.

What’s the best way to use Phos-Chek?

Phos-Chek is a powerful tool in protecting your home from wildfires, but only if used correctly. Failing to spray Phos-Chek in the correct places could leave your home vulnerable and exposed to California’s next big blaze.

FireClear is Southern California’s most trusted team of home wildfire defense professionals, and we’ve helped countless families bolster their home’s defenses with Phos-Chek.

Our team will safeguard your home with a quick, painless application that will keep your property fire resistant for an entire fire season. When it comes to wildfire defense, why take a chance with second-best? Contact us now for a free property assessment, and let’s get started.

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