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Get Serious Home Fire Defense with Phos-Chek

FireClear Systems

Get Serious Home Fire Defense with Phos-Chek

FireClear and Phos-Chek have teamed up to deliver a colorless, long-lasting fire retardant application—the very same formulation you’ve seen dropped from planes during virtually every American wildfire.

Now, you can take advantage of Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense (the exact same formula used by the USDA Forest Service).

Phos-Chek is environmentally friendly and safe for both pets and people. One application can help protect your property and home for an entire fire season, including outbuildings and other at-risk areas.

How Does Phos-Chek Work?

Phos-Chek is a long-term formula that helps reduce the combustibility of potential fuel sources for a wildfire. On a molecular level, Phos-Chek alters the composition of materials such as wood and grass so that it is no longer an effective fuel source for fires.

Phos-Chek has been used by the US Forest Service for more than 50 years. With a single, quick application, Phos-Chek will remain effective until it is washed away by rain—that means your home will be more protected for an entire fire season.

Protect Your Home with Phos-Chek Today

Recent wildfire seasons have been some of the worst of all time. Don’t leave fire protection up to chance—contact us today for a FREE property assessment, and let us help safeguard your family from the unpredictable destruction of California’s next wildfire.

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