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Your foolproof guide to home wildfire protection in Glendora

FireClear Systems

Your foolproof guide to home wildfire protection in Glendora

Our Glendora Phos-Chek for home is the best fire-fighting product in the world. It’s odorless and colorless, which protects homes from smoke and flames. It lasts through the entire fire season, and is the same substance used by professional firefighters every year.

What is Phos-Chek, and how does it work? Is it safe to use? How often do you apply it and for what kinds of stains? Are your insurance policies covered if you use Phos-Chek? How can you get phos-chek in Glendora, California?

We’ll help you answer these questions (and more) right now.

How does Phos-Chek work?

Glendora Phos-Chek works by interacting directly with potential fire fuel sources at the molecular level. When we spray grass, wood, or other cellulose-based materials with Phos-Chek, the fire retardant transforms the surface of these materials into a kind of non-flammable carbon.

Because Phos-Chek makes fuel sources less available to fires, a Phos-Chek application can have a huge impact on how quickly a wildfire can spread through your property. Slowing down fires means giving firefighters more time to combat the blaze, meaning your home has a better chance of survival.

What are some of the benefits of using Phos-Chek?

There are many benefits to choosing Phos-Chek and FireClear:

  • Professional trusted. Phos-Chek is virtually identical to the fire retardant used by the pros, minus the red color.
  • Insurance benefits. Phos-Chek isn’t just affordable—it can also help reduce your insurance premium.
  • Extend and improve defensible space. Phos-Chek gives fire officials more time to reach and protect your home.
  • No smell, no color. Phos-Chek for home has no colors or odors, and you won’t even know it’s there.
  • CA approved non-toxic. Phos-Chek is totally safe for pets, people, wildlife, and your yard.
  • One application protects for the entire fire season. One quick application will protect your home for the whole fire season.
  • How do you use Phos-Chek in Glendora?

    Phos-Chek for home Glendora is quick and easy to apply, especially when you leave it to pros like FireClear.

    FireClear will apply Phos-Chek to your outbuildings and home, protecting high risk areas from potential wildfires and bolstering your home’s defensible space.

    Our team only needs one application of Phos-Chek to safeguard your property for the entire fire season. We can even apply Phos-Chek while you’re at work.

    Is Phos-Chek toxic to humans?

    Phos-Chek is approved by the state of California. It’s safe and non-toxic for both humans and pets, and it’s the very same fire retardant we at FireClear trust to protect our own families.

    Is Phos-Chek red?

    It’s a common misconception that all fire retardants are bright red. While the Phos-Chek you see used on major wildfires is indeed red, Phos-Chek for home is formulated to be 100% colorless.

    How long does Phos-Chek last?

    Phos-Chek lasts for the entire fire season—to be precise, it will be washed away with rain later in the year. Amazingly, you’ll only need one spray of Phos-Chek to protect your home for the entire fire season.

    Why do so many people trust FireClear to protect their homes with Phos-Chek?

    FireClear is widely considered Number One for Glendora wildfire protection service. Here’s why we rely on Phos-Chek to get the job done.

    Safe, non-toxic, state-approved

    Phos-Chek has already been approved by California for home use. It’s non-toxic and safe for your yard, home, pets, family, and even local wildlife. We trust Phos-Chek, and we even use it to protect our own homes.

    You won’t even know it’s there

    Phos-Chek home fire defense differs from the formula used to combat major wildfires in one big way—unlike the Phos-Chek you’ve seen dropped from planes, Phos-Chek for home is totally colorless and odorless.

    Just one application per year

    One Phos-Chek application at the start of every fire season is enough to protect your family from fires for the entire season. And because FireClear can work while you’re out of the house, you can get fire protection with zero hassle.

    When should you apply Phos-Chek in Glendora?

    In Southern California, families most commonly apply Phos-Chek in Glendora between the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

    It’s important to apply Phos-Chek when your area’s vegetation has stopped growing and turned brown—if plants continue to grow after spraying, they may not be fully protected against wildfires.

    What is Phos-Chek made out of?

    Phos-Chek is made of chemicals that are meant to slow and stop the spread of wildfires.

    Phos-Chek works at the molecular level on cellulose-based fuel sources like dead plants and wood. After being sprayed with Phos-Chek, the surface of these fuel sources changes into a special type of non-flammable carbon.

    What else can you do to protect your home from wildfires in Glendora?

    Phos-Chek is an incredibly powerful tool in your home fire defense arsenal, but there are a few other things you can do to maximize your home’s fire preparedness:

  • Create defensible space. Clear and remove dead trees and vegetation around your home and outbuildings to create more space between your property and encroaching wildfires.
  • Protect your home’s weak areas. Eaves and vents should be properly covered to prevent embers and flames from easily accessing your home.
  • Have a fire evacuation plan. Always have a plan to evacuate your home in a worst-case scenario.
  • Can Phos-Chek be used directly on my house, fences, or deck?

    Phos-Chek works the best when applied on dry, cellulose-based materials like vegetation. However, it can also be applied to raw and unpainted wood structures such as fences, decks and siding.

    Phos-Chek can stain painted surfaces, so you may only want to spray Phos-Chek on painted structures if your home is in an extremely fire prone area.

    How do you clean Phos-Chek fire retardant?

    Phos-Chek will naturally wash off in the rain. If you’ve accidentally sprayed or spilled Phos-Chek somewhere on your property, all you need to do is thoroughly wash the affected area with water to remove the Phos-Chek.

    How does FireClear apply Phos-Chek in Glendora?

    FireClear’s approach as a Glendora wildfire protection service is painless compared to DIY applications. Here’s our 3-step plan for home fire defense.

    Step 1: Property Assessment

    With over 40 years of combined experience, our team of pros will inspect your property and home for wildfire safety.

    Step 2: Fire Proofing Plan

    Our team will give you our top recommendations for protecting your home from wildfires, including easy-to-miss details that could make a big difference.

    Step 3: Phos-Chek Application

    You choose the date, and our team will protect your home with one easy Phos-Chek application. All it takes for season-long peace of mind is one application.

    What’s the best way to use Phos-Chek wild fire defense system?

    Phos-Chek is an amazing tool for home fire protection, but it must be used correctly. Failing to spray all vulnerable areas of your property could leave you exposed to California’s next major wildfire.

    FireClear is considered to be Southern California’s top home fire defense experts. Why? Because we get the job done right, and we give you peace of mind.

    Why take a risk with second best? Contact FireClear today for a free home and property assessment, and let’s get to work.

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